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Whether you want to gift yourself with a brighter smile or you wish to arrange it for someone you love this holiday season, the offices of Dr. Eckstein and Yusupov are offering a $750 discount off all Invisalign Teen and Invisalign treatment plans if you make a commitment by Thursday, December 31, 2015.

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen aligners have fast become the preferred way to straighten teeth. We use a series of virtually invisible and removable aligners that gradually straighten teeth over time. This comes with many benefits. It means you don’t have food restrictions or need to worry about playing sports or taking part in other activities since the aligners can be removed. The best part is, unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are discrete— others hardly notice you’re even wearing them.

If you already know Invisalign is for you but money is tight right now, no need to worry. We offer a range of ways for you to take advantage of our limited-time $750 Invisalign discount offer. Payment methods include:

Interest-free Installment Payments. We are pleased to offer an interest-free monthly installment plan that comes directly from your checking account or major credit card: Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover® or American Express®.

Additional 5% off when you pay in full. If you are able to pay for the full course of treatment in advance, we are happy to extend an additional 5% courtesy discount to you.

Insurance / Flexible Spending Programs. Call our office to find out if we accept your specific insurance plan, and also for instructions on how to utilize funds from your flexible spending account (FSA) for payment of your Invisalign or Invisalign Teen treatment plan.

Third Party-Financing. Our office offers several private third-party financing options. Call us to learn more.

Highest quality provider

With our $750 Invisalign discount offer there’s no better time to sign up than now. And, with our Super Elite Top 1% Invisalign Provider ranking, there’s no better place to get your treatment than right here at our officesWe are committed to your 100% satisfaction and have the experience and track record to back it up. With locations in Mill Basin, Brooklyn; Forest Hills, Queens; and Cedarhurst, Long Island, we are conveniently located.

Start 2016 off right. Make it the year you straightened your teeth and brightened your smile. With this limited-time discount offer, now is the time to come see us.

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