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Orthodontic Braces in Sunnyside


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Orthodontist Sunnyside. Find out about Your Dental Braces Options

If you are in two minds about which type of braces would suit you, Orthodontist Sunnyside has got you covered! As a reliable provider of orthodontic services in the neighbourhood of Queens, New York City, we offer a wide range of braces options to suit every need and lifestyle. We offer a variety of options available to fit your individual needs and preferences! From traditional metal or clear ceramic braces to Invisalign. Our team of experts can help you achieve the smile you’ve been yearning for. Your needs and goals are our top priority.


Metal Braces in Sunnyside. Know your ABC

This gleaming construction is the first thing you imagine when you think of visiting a dentist’s office. The device effectively tackles the vast majority of orthodontic diagnoses from those causing minor aesthetic discomfort to painful conditions that influence your whole life.


The backstage of braces

To place your teeth where they belong metal braces use delicate pressure. This requires putting up a simple but effective construction made of metal wires, brackets and some rubber bands.


What Metal Braces Are Made Of

The answer is – stainless steel, a durable material that can withstand the pressure applied by orthodontic construction. Another thing no braces can do without is a special glue or cement that fastens brackets to the teeth.


For How Long I will be wearing them?

Usually, you will have to wear braces from six months to several years. Although, on average this period is about two years. Do not be discouraged by the numbers. It took your teeth decades get whete they are now, so 10 to 18 months is a reasonable time to wait for a perfect smile to appear on your face.


To sum up, there are several crucial points to consider before getting metallic braces:


Pros: Not only is it cost-effective but also durable. The braces are very customizable and can deal with more complicated issues than other appliances.


Cons: An unmistakable “brace-face” phenomenon may cause psychological discomfort in some patients. Additionally, the treatment can be less comfortable in terms of maintenance and dietary limitations, compared to other options and typically takes longer to achieve desirable results.


Clear Braces in Sunnyside

Not only self-conscious teenagers are uncomfortable with openly wearing braces. Some people would be perfectly happy wearing a traditional device, however, job specifics or social status demand a more discreet option. If the issue is serious enough that you can not get by with aligners only, clear braces are a perfect solution. They do not catch the eye as swiftly as metal ones, but provide the same level of therapeutic action. The colouring of these braces is made to match the enamel, so once attached it blends almost perfectly with the colour of the teeth.


On the downside they have the price that goes up together with discreetness. Another important factor to consider is everyday care. Keeping them invisible  requires thorough cleaning and dietary restrictions. Otherwise, stains from food or drink will make them even more obvious than metal ones.


Ceramic Braces in Sunnyside

It is another well-known discreet option for complicated orthodontic problems. Data shows that the alignment process is faster compared with the metal ones. There is little to no difference between ceramic and clear braces in terms of results and mechanism of action. However, there are some unique drawbacks such as price which is higher, and fragility. Being made of ceramics they are easier to crack. Once damaged they have to be replaced by your orthodontist, and as a result, add up to the price.


Invisalign in Sunnyside: A Popular Choice for a Beaming Smile

This one is a foolproof way to transform your smile without anyone being the wiser. Thousands of people in Sunnyside have opted for Invisalign and proudly shown off their new smiles on social media.


The name speaks for itself – Invisalign is practically invisible. Moreover  there are no diet strict diet regulations. Take the aligner off and eat whatever you like. You won’t have any trouble brushing or flossing your teeth, and you’ll save money on buying an irrigator.


However, these amazing results come with a price, Invisalign is more expensive than traditional alternatives. It also requires adherence to the treatment plan and consistency. Forget about skipping visits to your orthodontist. But you will have no regrets once you have seen the result!



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