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Orthodontic Braces in Kew Gardens


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Orthodontist Kew Gardens: Where to Get Your Dazzling Smile


Living in Kew Gardens, Queens and in need of orthodontic treatment? Look no further than your local orthodontists! With a variety of options to choose from, you’ll be able to achieve that gleaming smile you’ve always wanted.


Clear Bracket Braces in Kew Gardens: The Aesthetic Upgrade


Braces have always been looked upon as a necessary evil, especially among young adults. A brace-face can often become a cause for self-esteem issues, limiting socialization and even causing stress. Kew Gardens orthdontists, however, presents an aesthetic upgrade for brace-face with clear braces.


Clear bracket braces are similar to traditional metal ones, with one important difference, they’re less obvious than their metallic counterparts. This construction is made of a more fragile material, ceramic, and glued to the teeth with see-through adhesive. The transparency makes clear bracket braces less noticeable, providing a more discreet option for dental correction.


The higher price of clear bracket braces compared to metal ones shouldn’t discourage you from considering them. The ceramic material used in clear bracket braces is more fragile, making them more prone to cracking and even breaking. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that it’s inevitable. With proper care, the patient can avoid damage, and make the investment worthwhile.


Metal Braces Kew Gardens: Strong and Durable


Metal braces, on the other hand, are made of stainless steel – a strong and durable material that can withstand the pressure of orthodontic treatment. Which can last from 1 to 3 years, depending on the severity of the case.


Adult Braces Kew Gardens: A Sensible Choice


As an adult looking for orthodontic treatment, you have the freedom to choose the best option for your budget and lifestyle. While there are many options available, classic metal braces remain a popular choice due to their sensible price tag and proven track record.


One of the major advantages of these braces is that as an adult you are more capable of taking care of them. Unlike children or teens, people in their 30s are more likely to follow the dentist’s recommendations on food to eat and avoid, keep up a consistent oral hygiene routine, and attend regular appointments to ensure a successful treatment outcome.


It is noteworthy that although metal braces are not transparent, they have become smaller and more inconspicuous than they ever were. Presently, the brackets utilized for teeth attachment are less conspicuous, rendering them a more aesthetically pleasing option compared to earlier iterations. Moreover, numerous adults willingly embrace wearing braces as a token of their commitment towards attaining a gorgeous and healthy smile.


If you’re considering orthodontic treatment as an adult, don’t hesitate to explore the benefits of classic metal braces. An undeniable appeal of their sensible price, effortless maintenance, and improved aesthetics, may make all the difference for you.


Invisalign Kew Gardens: Cutting-Edge Technology


When it comes to modern orthodontics, cutting-edge technologies play a crucial role. One striking example of such innovation is Invisalign – a revolutionary treatment that has transformed orthodontics in recent years. It involves using a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten teeth, which has quickly become a popular choice for many patients.


There are various advantages associated with Invisalign which have contributed to its widespread adoption. Firstly, it is easy to maintain as the aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning, making it much simpler to take care of dental hygiene. Secondly, they are less uncomfortable in comparison to traditional metal braces, which can cause gum discomfort and soreness. Furthermore, Invisalign is fully customisable, promoting a perfect fit for each patient. Lastly, your menu is not limited to the purees of any other food that can t get between the teeth, which makes the rather long treatment process less uncomfortable.


Nevertheless, as with any endeavour, certain limitations must be taken into account. One disadvantage is the price, which may be on the higher side for some patients. Another drawback is that adherence to the treatment plan is obligatory, and not complying with the routine can rebound you back to the beginning, making the treatment more time-consuming.



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