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What Purpose Do Elastics (Rubber Bands) Have for Braces?

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Many have speculated what are the rubber bands (elastics)? When it comes to bracing treatment, it may come as a surprise just how important these bands happen to be.

Wearing rubber bands improves the fit of the upper and lower teeth. Rubber bands align the bite (the bite refers to the way a patient’s upper and lower teeth fit when the mouth is closed). The elastic rubber bands aid in fixing the bite phase of orthodontic treatment. This does tend to be the longest and most difficult part of the whole treatment process.

The elastic band must be stretched in a precise pattern. For example, it may hook to one upper tooth and two lower teeth, creating a triangle shape. It may attach to four teeth, creating a box pattern. Or it may simply stretch between one upper tooth and one lower tooth on a diagonal. The important thing is that they are attached exactly as instructed. Wearing them incorrectly can prevent the teeth from moving, or create unwanted movement. If you have any questions about how to attach your elastics correctly, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Elastic Rubber Bands Should Be Worn 24 Hours A Day

This is in fact true, elastic rubber bands should be worn 24 hours every day. Now, even when it comes to eating, elastics should remain connected. However, after eating, clients should change the band. We do understand that certain meals may be difficult to eat with the elastics in place. The bands can be taken out but this should not be a daily occurrence.

Instead, patients should replace their elastic bands every 3 to 4 times a day. This is to ensure that once the elasticity has depleted, the patient has another band to immediately replace and continue onward with the fixing treatment process.

A patient simply just has to ask for extra elastic brace bands from their orthodontist and they will be provided.

Pick Any Color

The fun aspect of elastic rubber bands for one’s braces is that the bands come in a range of colors. A lot of the time patients will pick colors that coordinate with their wardrobe or their mood for the day! Many patients have felt better after being able to pick different color elastics to brighten up their day or to simply have a fun pop of color.

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The Purpose of Elastomeric Chain for Braces

At times additional pressure is needed to adjust the teeth and bite. Customized for each patient, the Elastomeric Chain typically stretch over tiny loops on the top and bottom brackets. If worn consistently, and every day, these tiny elastics will apply the steady pressure needed to guide the teeth into the correct position. Braces, which consist of brackets and wires, work by gently applying pressure to the teeth, and that pressure causes them to move into the correct position. In some cases, elastics, or rubber bands, are used to apply additional pressure needed to move your teeth. However, the elastomeric chain is to not to be confused with rubber bands for bite coordination. The elastomeric chain does come in various colors and closes spaces.

These elastics are crafted from medical-grade latex, which is safe to be in contact with the mouth. The Amazing Smiles Orthodontics staff will demonstrate how to fix the elastics so it will soon become second nature to replace them.

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