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Braces Colors: What Colors For Braces Should You Choose?

When it comes to deciding what colors to choose for braces, it can be a tricky test. However, over the years the last few years, orthodontists have received many questions from patients about braces, but one question that always comes up is “What colors of braces should I get?”. There are many ways to decide what color braces are right for a patient.

Should a patient pick their favorite color? Should they match their everyday wardrobe? Should they coordinate with an upcoming holiday or special event? These are just a few things to consider when choosing the best braces band colors.

First off, let’s look at what different colors mean and the essential vibe they give off:

  • Red is often associated with anger or passion, but it also represents power, strength, and courage.
  • Blue can reflect calmness, intelligence, and loyalty.
  • Green can represent good fortune, harmony, and growth.
  • Orange isn’t just a popular fruit, it can be a popular braces color for enthusiastic and creative people.
  • Purple doesn’t just represent wealth and royalty, it’s often treated as a mystical color.
  • Yellow is the most cheerful color you can choose.
  • White usually symbolizes innocence, hope, and purity.
  • Black can be the color of mourning or convey power, elegance, and strength.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Braces Colors

Choosing your braces’ color may not be as easy as it sounds, especially with so many options available. There are some things you may want to consider before choosing the best braces colors for you, even if it’s only a temporary color!

  • Think about your diet. If you drink a lot of coffee or eat berries they could stain your band colors.
  • Consider the shade of your teeth (they probably aren’t pure white). Some colors can make your teeth look off-colored. Hint: Darker colors make your teeth look whiter.
  • Your complexion matters with your braces as much as it does with the clothes you wear. If you don’t like how you look wearing a certain color, then you may not want it on your teeth either.

Statistics show that patients will opt to have colorful braces over typical neutral tones like white. Instead colors like red, blue, yellow, orange, and black tend to be picked more often.

What color braces should a patient get?

If you have a light skin tone then you should choose colors like purple, light blue, bronze, dark purple, or reds because these colors will complement lighter skin tones. Make sure to choose darker colors to make your teeth whiter and avoid light colors because colors like yellow, white can dull your face.

What are the most popular colors for braces?

Braces Colors like pink, red, green, orange, yellow, blue, and purple are the best color bands that are in hype for adults and teens. If you are someone that likes going with trends then you should grab these color bands with the help of your orthodontist.

What color braces are best for yellow teeth?

If you are someone suffering from yellow teeth, then you should know that getting colorful braces is not the right option for you but if you still want to get these colorful bands then the best options for yellow teeth are silver bands and black bands.

Can you get multi-color braces?

Yes, you can choose whatever color you want from braces with the help of the braces color wheel. It has multi shades of rainbow colors that will help you choose the best out of it. Be sure to ask your orthodontist about what options are available beforehand.

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