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Orthodontic Trends For Adults Seeking Straighter Teeth

Age has become a non-factor in the quest for straighter teeth and a Hollywood smile. In the last decade, we’ve witnessed an explosive increase in the number of adults requesting braces.

Age has become a non-factor in the quest for straighter teeth and a Hollywood smile. In the last decade, we’ve witnessed an explosive increase in the number of adults requesting braces. In fact, not only have we placed braces on parents and their children, we have patients who are grandparents too— well into their 40’s and 50’s.

What’s changed? Two things really: 1) More people want to stay looking good later in life, and 2) More discrete, less intrusive and more convenient orthodontic options are now available. As a result, three trends have emerged in orthodontics over the past decade that have appealed to adults who want a nicer, more confident smile.

Less Intrusive Braces

Clearly, Invisalign “the invisible braces” was the breakthrough orthodontic treatment when it debuted in the late 1990s. Unlike traditional braces with sliver brackets and wires, Invisalign® aligners are far more discrete, less intrusive— and effective. The removable aligners allow patients to eat and drink what they please as long as they maintain a strict regimen of popping them back on after meals.

Like Invisalign, “Damon Clear®” is a growing choice among adult patients as well. Introduced more recently, Damon Clear’s ‘crystal clear’ design is made from polycrystalline alumina (PCA), which is stain resistant. The aligners have smooth, rounded corners for outstanding comfort, and they stay in place without a fuss.

Increased Comfort

Orthodontics has come a long way since those bulky thick metal braces and elastic bands of yore. Both Invisalign® and Damon Clear® are non-irritating and virtually non-bothersome options. The smooth, comfortable plastic makes Invisalign aligners easy on the gum and mouth.

Damon Clear® is part of the innovative Damon System, which combines tieless brackets and high technology arch wires that are proven to move teeth fast and comfortably with impressive results. Damon Clear® uses a “passive” slide mechanism to maintain arch wires within the bracket, allowing your teeth to move quickly, more comfortably with less chance of any irritation.

Ease of Use

It’s a joy in our profession to inform new patients about just have far we’ve come in orthodontics. You can also easily remove the Invisalign aligner trays for eating and cleaning, and can continue doing all the things you normally would do— brushing, flossing, eating corn on the cob, spare ribs, you name it. No sacrifices. For many activities and foods, you don’t even have to remove your aligner trays— but for those special occasions you do remove them, just pop them back in afterwards. In addition, with both Invisalign® and Damon Clear®, you’ll require less orthodontist visits than you’d expect.

Treatment for virtually ALL cases

Today’s orthodontics can also easily treat adult patients with severe crowding, flat profiles, open bites and those in need of cross-bite correction and arch development— much more effectively than ever before. Come in for a visit and find out which treatment method would work best for your condition.

September Special: Bringing your kids in for braces? Book a free consultation for yourself as well.

Make things easy on yourself; book your appointment for your child’s braces at the same time you arrange a free consultation for yourself. Nothing to lose and a great new smile to gain! With convenient locations in Forest Hills, Queens; Mill Basin, Brooklyn, and Cedarhurst, Long Island, we are at your service with easy, effective, comfortable and discrete options to straighten your teeth.

Our goal is to get all of New York smiling confidently and beautifully.


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