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How to Floss with Braces: Why Flossing Should Be The First Step

Why is it important to know how to floss with braces? There is a right and wrong way when it comes to flossing and it’s all about what type of pressure is put on the strand of floss that determines the outcome.

Flossing should always be the first step when it comes to your oral hygiene routine. This way, any food particles that are stuck in between the gaps where a toothbrush cannot reach, is easily removed by flossing.

How to Floss with Braces

Why is Flossing So Important? 

Patients have asked before how a small piece of floss can make such a difference to their oral health. But they have been surprised by how effective flossing can be. No matter how well you brush your teeth, no toothbrush can get into all the nooks and crannies like floss can.

By brushing and flossing, food and bacteria is being removed which helps to prevent staining and cavities. Flossing helps to prevent gingivitis and other oral health problems that can be a problem later in life. Brush at least twice and floss once daily.

Let’s Take a Look at Dental Floss

Waxed dental floss is preferable over non-waxed when you have braces because unwaxed floss can shred, leaving little threads that can get stuck in your teeth and appliance. When it comes to waxed dental floss, there’s plenty of variety so take the time to find one that works for you,  is comfortable, and is easy to use. Some are flavored with breath-freshening mint or tasty fruit flavors.

However, if you are new to using dental floss, be sure to contact us (Facebook or use the information at the bottom of this article that has our location phone numbers) for more information on dental tape, which can be used. Dental tape — or ribbon tape — is broader and flatter than dental floss and can be a bit gentler on teeth unused to flossing. Dental tape can also be a bit easier to handle.

Some general steps to take when it comes to flossing:

  • Take an 18” long piece of dental floss or enough floss that you can wrap around your index fingers to create a secure thread.
  • Then begin to tread one end of the floss between your wire and your teeth. Do this as softly as possible without jamming the floss in between the wire and tooth.
  • Gently pull the thread through, while holding onto the floss with your index fingers.
  • Use a  firm grip but at a comfortable pressure to insert the floss between your teeth.
  • It is preferred to hold the floss in a “C” shape. This way the floss will glide into your gum-line at the base of your tooth. From begin to floss the sides of each tooth.
  • Pull out the floss gently and go through steps 2-4 for the next teeth.

The Floss Threader

Another flossing tool that is shaped a bit different than traditional dental floss, is the floss threader. A floss threader can assist you with the more traditional flossing with braces method.  Floss threaders help you place the floss behind your braces.  This tool looks similar to a small plastic needle.  Simply thread a piece of floss into the eye of the floss threader then move the plastic needle under the archwire of your braces and pull the floss through.  After the floss is under the archwire you can floss your teeth like you normally would. When you are done with one tooth, remove the floss, and repeat the process with the same floss threader.

How to Floss with Braces

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