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10 Things to Know About BRIUS Lingual Braces: How to Achieve a Healthy Smile

BRIUS Lingual Braces have a surprising history that easily showcases one of the best dental inventions so far. But, how does this valued genius take on traditional metal braces placed at the back of your teeth provide those that are struggling to find invisible styled braces? How can someone achieve a healthy smile with BRIUS Lingual Braces? Find out below!

Exactly that! Invisible braces that are more comfortable to wear and that allow for a far smoother transition time frame.Brius Lingual Braces Smiles

Fewer Visits Will Lead to an Improved Smile

Patient’s will opt for fewer visits to the orthodontist and BRIUS offers that chance. BRIUS braces have a unique and time-saving advantage where checkup appointments will be shorter than before, just as long as there is no break within the braces. Thankfully, the orthodontist can use elastics with BRIUS braces unlike regular braces.

Everyone Is Different But Everyone Will Reach Their Improved Smiles in a Shorter Amount of Time

Individuals have noticed that the typical ratio of time to wear braces, has shortened by at least half the normal time frame. Research has shown that BRIUS braces have a quicker adjustment time than any other brace alternative.

The Potential For No Adjustments With BRIUS

Difficult access is what makes traditional lingual braces less favorable with patients. They can be more than a challenging. Especially for adolescences who have not stopped growing. Due to the inaccessibility of the lingual side of the teeth for adjustments, this can add on painful cleaning visits.

However, BRIUS is placed on the lingual side where no adjustments are needed. This bridge side helps the orthodontist to check and assist with an easier ability.

More Patients State That BRIUS Is More Comfortable

Patient accounts and reviews on BRIUS, are highly favored by most people. Most have discovered how easy it was to continue at-home cleaning. Flossing can be continued as normal, along with mouthwash (any type of fluoride mouthwash is perfectly alright to use). BRIUS lingual braces have no traditional wires to interfere with a patients usual morning and evening brushing routine.

Foods Should Be Cut Into Smaller Pieces to Be Enjoyed

The only thing BRIUS has in common with traditional braces is the food factor. However, all patients who have recently had work done on their teeth should take equal precautions when it comes to hard raw foods.

Unlike aligners, BRIUS lingual braces are not to be removed while eating or drinking. This is where BRIUS has that slight favor with customers over potential adjustable aligners. There is no forgetting to place in an aligner or misplacing an aligner after eating, which a lot of people have experienced. BRIUS offers more satisfaction in knowing that there is no adjustment required.

Fewer Visits During the Pandemic

This reduction in visits has been valuable to patients, especially during the pandemic, with the uncertainty about government lock-downs and patients’ reluctance to come to the clinic.

Less Force

This method moves all the teeth simultaneously and independently of each other, which is much more effective and efficient than traditional braces or clear aligners. The braces apply a very gentle light force to the teeth, meaning that treatment has become virtually painless.

Mild to Moderate

Typical BRIUS cases fall into the mild to moderate category. Now, only your orthodontist can share which category a their patient falls into. Since, this type of brace has become a go-to moderate fixer where patients can rest assure they will have an improved smile. Utilizing a new non-sliding orthodontic technique that moves each tooth independently. Individual thickness and design of each component (that consists of a rigid bar and flexible arms. This can be customized to produce the optimal force and moment needed for that particular tooth.

Contact Sports

Any patient who plays a contact sport while wearing braces should invest in a mouthguard. Thankfully, BRIUS lingual braces are braced to help absorb a bit of impact. However, individuals should still protect their mouth with a mouthguard while playing extreme contact sports.

In Two Weeks Time Everything Will Feel Back to Normal

Why BRIUS has become such a hot option is based on the research and clientele reviews that after a mere two weeks, their slight lisp from attaining braces was gone. Along with being able to play an instrument or in general public speaking. While anything would feel strange when it comes to braces, having a lisp could keep people from going forward with getting braces. However, this is a small amount of time compared to having a mouth full of healthy teeth and any issue would be corrected.

All in all, BRIUS helps to correct a crooked smile for anyone who is looking to have their smile fixed. Matter of fact, a huge advantage when it comes to having braces is that individuals saw themselves obtaining a better dental hygiene routine on a day-to-day basis.

How to find lingual braces near me?

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