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What Happens When a Brace Wire Becomes Bent?

How can a bent brace wire be fixed? First off, did you know that the archwires on the upper and lower braces are crucial to the success of any orthodontic treatment? While the orthodontist team works together to carefully place brackets on the teeth, among other things, these wires will eventually help to shift the teeth in the desired directions.

If an accident such as an unnecessary bend in the archwire – can cause the teeth to move in the wrong direction, thus, lengthening the treatment time which is very undesired for anyone.

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Arch Wires Are Designed to Be Bent

Orthodontists actually bend arch wires to facilitate certain types of movement, such as rotation or a certain amount of horizontal or vertical movement. Since arch wires are made of materials that naturally return to their former shape if bent, your dentist will purposely bend the brace wire in the places where he wants your teeth to move a certain way.

In the early stages of treatment, the brace wire is thinner and more flexible. Later, however, arch wires are progressively replaced with thicker and stronger wires. The thinner the wire, the easier it is to bend and the more subtle the force on your teeth. The thicker the wire, the stronger the force on your teeth. Only your dentist should be bending your arch wires.

It is highly important to know what happens when the orthodontist bends your braces’ wire. Braces are made up of brackets that are directly attached to the teeth and  the wires are put through the brackets and secured with colored o rings. The orthodontist bends the archwires in the direction the teeth should naturally be moved towards. Archwires are made of material that will always attempt to move back to its original shape. As your teeth are straightening out, the wires will get straighter which will cause excess wire to stick out behind the braces. This extra wire might start poking and cause irritation.

When Brace Wires Become Bent See Your Orthodontist

There are many ‘how to fix’ ways on the internet. However, if you do not know how to fix the issue with a bent wire, then the patient should call their orthodontist to discuss what is happening. Afterwards, an appointment will be set up to fix the issue.

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What Happens When Someone Tries To Fix Their own Brace Wire

Though it may look like a simple matter of getting in there and pulling the kink out of the wire, the simple fact is that your fingers are poorly equipped to do the job properly. It may look like you have adequately reshaped the wire but in doing so, the pulling and the pushing forces you exerted, could have redirected the movement of your teeth. So with a bent wire, trying to fix the issue yourself can result in other problems.

You could also end up dislodging one or more of the brackets affixed to your teeth. When this happens, all planned movement for those teeth will come to an end until the brackets are reattached by your dentist. Accidents happen. Your orthodontist understands this and will simply straighten out the wire and send you on your way.

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