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Thank you all for participating and Good Luck to everyone!

Amazing Smiles Orthodontics FREE Super Bowl Pool

Here is how to play and how it works. At the end of each quarter you will take either the single digit score or the last number of a double digit score for each team,locate each number on the board and the intersecting name is the winner.

Example: End of first quarter Rams score 10 and Bengals score 7, You would go to line 0 (zero) for the Rams and line 7 for the  Bengals. Where they intersect you will have your winner.  .

  1. $100.00 Amazon Gift Card
  2. Oculus
  3. Apple Air Pods
  4. PS5

1st Quarter Prize
$100.00 Amazon Card

2nd Quarter Prize

3rd Quarter Prize
Apple Air Pods

4th Quarter Prize

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