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What Are Power Chains for Braces ?

Patients with crooked and cracked teeth need the special orthopedic braces and plastic ligatures for reinforcing multiple teeth for alignment. Dentists recommend the power chains for braces to remove teeth misalignment. Power chain has a number of ligatures which organize and strengthen up the original teeth. These elastic rings are durable and detachable if required.

How Does Power Chain for Braces Work

The power chain is a long lasting connector with multiple elastic strings to cement the gap/spaces between teeth. It does not require separate ligature capsule. The uneven gum is also adjusted with the power chain. Jaw, gum and displaced protruded teeth are aligned with the long power chain for braces.


  • For aligning single tooth, use the close power chain
  • To treat every other natural tooth, use the short power chain
  • To do space cementing for better adjustment of several teeth in a row, opt for multiple plastic ligatures/bands.

How Long Can You Wear This Power Chain?

For orthodontic treatment, dentists use durable power chains for braces. Patients can wear this type of ligature long without any specific deadline. Depending on the condition of the displaced teeth and jaw, patients are directed to have the plastic chain to smile perfectly. If you have slight issue with your decayed teeth, you can have it on short term basis. In this regard, talk to your dentist about the procedures of wearing this ligature and how long you should wear this orthopedic device for tooth care. Specialists cut the plastic ligatures and reinstall the new ones in the case of damage to your power chain to do the teeth fixing. You should visit the online orthodontist clinics or healthcare specialists to have a guide in this regard.

Is There Any Age Bar to Use Power Chain for Braces?

Specifically, there is no age limit. To reposition and perfect the shape of the jaw/gum/teeth, you should install this power chain containing plastic bands.

Benefits of Using Power Chain for Braces

  • Relocate the midline of the teeth
  • Tooth displacement prevention
  • Fast jaw alignment
  • Tooth care with the flexible plastic band/ligature

Avoid Few Risks

  • See whether your bleeding gum is infectious and allergic. Talk to dentists before taking this appliance.
  • Improper power chain installation on your gum may lead you to unwanted buildup of sediments or plaques to damage tooth box and its root.
  • The tooth setting with this medical appliance is often unsuccessful because of loose unstable teeth. It moves close to other tooth to overlap blocking the space. Tooth roots will be tightened to enhance the rigidity.
  • If you do not wear retainers to hold the loose unstable teeth, it will destabilize your innovative ligature for tooth alignment.

The facial beauty and your own personality depend on the proper care of your teeth. Broken, misaligned and worsened teeth spoil your look. You can’t have the confidence of smiling to greet your fiancé. The power chain for braces resets your teeth for faster recovery from malocclusion, tooth misalignment and decaying.

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