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Orthodontists in Middle Village, New York

Orthodontists in Middle Village, New York.  Dr. Yusupov strives to provide our patients with more than “just braces” – we strive for a smile that lasts a lifetime.

When most folks hear the word braces, they automatically think of the awkward teen with metal braces, but today’s orthodontics have come a long way and offer a ton more options.  While we do offer metal braces, we have additional services for the bigger population.

Orthodontists in Middle Village, New York

Invisalign are the clear plastic aligners that anyone can wear – they are much less noticeable and are able to be taken out when you brush and eat!  And, they can handle both simple and complicated alignment issues.

Orthodontists in Middle Village, New York

In addition, Amazing Smiles Orthodontics near Middle Village, NY, offers an accelerated treatment – AcceleDent.  This is an FDA cleared medical device that allows patients to use at home.  It stimulates the bone remodeling that is needed to properly align your teeth.  In a nutshell – it straightens them out in faster time!  This is great for someone that has an up and coming wedding or needs straight teeth in faster time. Most patients see results after a few treatments for 20 minutes a day.  In most case, it cuts the treatment length in almost half the time!


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Orthodontists in Middle Village, NY

Dr. Yusupov with Amazing smiles will sit down and guide you on what type of orthodontic services is best for you! Amazing Smiles is skilled at the most comprehensive range of orthodontic services and Dr. Yusupov truly cares about his patients. He alleviates the anxiety that may sometimes go along with straightening teeth and will listen to your concerns.

It’s super important for you to take care of your oral health and overall health so knowing the options when it comes to orthodontics is as equally important. We pride ourselves on offering high quality products, from Invisalign and Invisalign Teen to Damon Braces! And our patients love coming to our modern, state of the art office near Middle Village, NY. Check out Amazing Smiles for yourself! Feel free to contact our office and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Yusupov today!

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