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It’s not always easy for adults to remember, but when you’re a teenager you generally strive to fit in. Sure there’s the Goth punk rocker with six tattoos. There’s the kid with a shaved head, and the dude with dreds down to his waist; But most teens prefer flying below the radar, especially when it comes to anything anyone might find unattractive and even, for some, “humiliating”…. like a mouth full of metal.

Here are some interesting findings based on numerous studies conducted by dental professionals:

  • 84% of teens who have worn metal braces feel they “didn’t fit it” with other kids their age.
  • In fact, 53% said that having to wear metal braces would likely have a negative impact on their self-esteem.

And there’s this— Teens in a large cross section of 3,700 study participants concluded that….

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.49.08 AM

Note that these sentiments were most prevalent among those 14 and under, and that boys more than girls are more likely to feel the negative impact on their self-esteem.

One more statistic: 21% of teens who are or have worn braces, were “picked on” specifically because of it compared to 9% of Invisalign users were picked on for wearing clear aligners.

The clear answer: Invisalign Teen

By using nearly invisible clear “aligners” with no elastic bands or metal brackets, Invisalign and Invisalign Teen gradually straighten teeth over time. Because they are so inconspicuous, most teens feel confident enough to smile wide, interacting socially and post close up selfies without much concern (as they might be if they were wearing metal). It is one of the greatest breakthroughs in orthodontics over the past decade, and is THE increasingly preferred over any other method of teeth straightening.

Also, since the aligners are removable, users have no food restrictions, can take them off during sporting activities, and can even remove them for their prom picture. The only “must” is that the aligners should be immediately put back on so patients can receive the maximum benefit in the quickest period of time.

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