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Invisalign Information

Invisalign information, Have you ever heard of Invisalign?  It’s this really awesome new form of braces that seems to be really popular.  They’re super affordable, and they don’t come with all of the rules that traditional braces have.

Invisalign Information Forest Hills

Instead of metal wires and brackets that sit on your teeth, Invisalign information consists of a series of clear plastic trays that are molded to your teeth.  You wear each tray for two weeks at a time, and you’ll have anywhere between 18 to 30 trays total.

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign doesn’t cause the soreness or the discomfort that you’d normally get.  What’s even better, they are easily removable because they aren’t permanently attached.  How cool is that?!?

And you can eat with them without having to do any kind of extensive brushing or cleaning.  You can even save money on one of those water picks because you won’t have any food stuck in your braces whatsoever.  You remove whenever you eat or drink anything, and you can still eat gummy bears and chew gum.

And the best part?  You want to know the best part about professional Invisalign?  The best part is that they are nearly invisible meaning that you don’t have to feel self-conscious about having braces.  Nobody can see them from a distance and they don’t even show up if you’re taking selfies with your best friends.

Invisalign Information

Invisalign is totally one of the best investments of the summertime if you ever need to get braces.  If you have questions about Invisalign, its benefits and affordability, contact Amazing Smiles Orthodontics for more information.

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