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How to Brush Your Teeth with Braces

When it comes to having braces for the first time, it can be an interesting first experience when it comes to brushing your teeth with braces. We will go through the various general routines and extra tips that are involved when it comes to brushing your teeth while wearing braces.

What would be considered the first step when it comes to learning how to brush your teeth with braces? It does all come down to rinsing your mouth. This should be done thoroughly with water. You’d be surprised by how many food particles can be dislodged by this simple, often overlooked step. It’s a good idea to rinse out your mouth regularly to see if the easy-to-remove particles will shift.

Brush Your Teeth with Braces

Why using too much toothpaste can be a bad idea?

The foam created from toothpaste can actually make it more difficult to see plaque and debris. Start brushing your teeth with only a wet toothbrush, which will allow you to clean around the brackets and between wires. Instead of scrubbing, use a precise, picking motion. Then, add a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and continue cleaning.

The two-minute brushing rule is important and should be followed

Spend 30 seconds on each part of your mouth: upper right, lower right, upper left, and lower left. Clean both the outer and inner sides of teeth. Set a timer to make sure you brush for a full two minutes.

There is a reason that “2 minutes” is the magic time frame when it comes to brushing teeth. This is the same case when it comes to brushing teeth while wearing braces.

Brush at a 45-degree angle to reach the gum line

Try brushing your gum line first, at a 45° angle. This will stimulate your gums and remove any biofilm that has started to build up around the bottom of your teeth. It can be more difficult to brush the front of your teeth, but you should have an easy time brushing your gums. Just be sure to brush softly, as you don’t want to irritate your gums.

Brush Your Teeth with Braces

Flossing at least once a day

Plaque bacteria that is not removed from the teeth can result in decay and gum disease. When you wear braces, this can sometimes cause white spots on the teeth or unsightly gum overgrowth. Brushing alone can’t remove all of these bacteria, however, this is why dental floss is needed.

In order to floss effectively, the strand of floss should be held firmly, then using the floss against the tooth surface and work it up and down gently. Gently is the key term here, because if the floss is used roughly the gums can bleed.

Wondering how you’re going to get floss around brace wires?

This is why the floss threader was invented. This tool resembles a sewing needle, allowing you to pull a piece of floss through its “eye,” and then push it under the wire. Once it’s through, you can simply grab the free end of the floss and use it as you normally would.

Top Cleaning Tools For Braces 2022

Check out our article on the tool cleaning tools that were created for braces. Anyone can ask about cleaning tools that are not mentioned in the article to see if they can be added to your daily hygiene routine.

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