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What Is the Herbst Appliance?

The Herbst appliance is a functional appliance, which is often used in conjunction with braces to realign the lower jaw with the upper jaw. In many cases, patients who are suffering from an overbite must use the Herbst appliance in order to correct the problem.

The Herbst appliance is commonly preferred over other appliances like headgear, another device used to correct a misaligned jaw, because the Herbst appliance is fastened to your teeth and less noticeable because all of its parts are hidden inside your mouth. Amazing Smiles Orthodontics provides numerous appliances, including the Herbst appliance, for overbite correction and other jaw problems.

Why Is the Herbst Appliance Used?

The Herbst appliance is most commonly used to correct an overbite (malocclusion). In most cases, overbites are not serious problems but patients prefer to fix them for aesthetic purposes. However, in some cases, an overbite could lead to:

  • Jaw pain
  • Enamel damage
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Changed facial appearance
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Speech problems

The Herbst appliance can help avoid these complications of an overbite and give you a more confident smile.

What Does Getting the Herbst Appliance Involve?

The Herbst appliance is simple to get started with and begins with a consultation with one of our orthodontists at Amazing Smiles. We’ll examine your jaw and discuss all of your current wants and needs for your overall dental health.

If you and your orthodontist decide that the Herbst appliance is right for you, your orthodontist can set you up with the appliance during a regular office visit. The Herbst appliance is installed by attaching it to your back teeth (molars) similar to a palate expander. In some cases, patients might experience muscle tenderness, tissue irritation, or soreness in the days following your appointment. This is normal, but if your symptoms are severe or long-lasting, let us know and we can help reduce the irritation in some cases.

Getting Used to Your Herbst Appliance

Here are some pointers to remember when using the Herbst appliance:

  • Don’t play with the Herbst appliance with your fingers.
  • Allow your jaw to go where the Herbst appliance allows (don’t fight it!).
  • Eat soft foods while getting used to the appliance.
  • Be patient during your first week with the appliance. You will get more used to it over time, and any soreness should subside quickly.

Call us at Amazing Smiles if you anything on the appliance breaks.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Herbst Appliance?

Visiting Amazing Smiles for overbite treatment with the Herbst appliance has numerous benefits for our patients, including:

  • Less bulky than headgear
  • Better compliance since it is attached to your teeth
  • Realigns your jaw
  • Reduces overbite
  • Does not need removal for eating or drinking

To learn more about Herbst appliance, speak with one of our providers at Amazing Smiles. For over thirty years, our practice has provided the highest quality of affordable dental care to patients in Forest Hills, Brooklyn, Long Island, and the surrounding areas. We are the go-to specialists for orthodontic care, recommended by dentists all over the New York City area. Call us today at 718-275-3200 or schedule an appointment using this form.


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