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DIY Braces Forest Hills

DIY Braces Alright!!!  That new Do It Yourself clear braces kit just arrived at your door.  You’re ready to apply the braces… you’ve opened up the package. You’ve read the instructions. You’ve stuck the almost completely invisible tray into your mouth.  Things are right with your world because your teeth are going to be awesome eighteen months from now.

But wait…

These braces don’t fit the way they’re supposed to.  That online questionnaire you filled out provided all of the information for what your mouth looks like, and you probably gave them an impression of your teeth so they could mold your invisible liners. But something just feels wrong.

DIY Braces Forest Hills

More than likely, the reason for this is because you didn’t actually see an orthodontist.  You didn’t get that specialized, hands-on experience with an expert who knows what they’re doing when it comes to your oral health needs and the kind of orthodontic correction your teeth require.

You certainly didn’t speak with a doctor, like Doctor Yusupov, at Amazing Smiles; because going through one of those DIY kits was just so much easier on your time and so much more convenient.  But was it really that easy or convenient when you’re having to get a second opinion after the fact?

No.  No it wasn’t.

This is why when you see Dr. Yusupov at Amazing Smiles, you are getting that expert, one-on-one, hands-on evaluation of your oral health and orthodontic corrections.  Dr. Yusupov knows that not every set of chompers is the same and that mail-order, DIY braces kits usually tend to ignore the fact that one size does NOTfit all.

DIY Braces Forest Hills, NY

If you’re considering ordering a do-it-yourself braces kit, or if you or someone you know have already ordered one, do yourself a favor and make sure to give Dr. Yusupov and Amazing Smiles Orthodontics a call because easy and convenient may not always be easy and convenient.

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