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Thinking about Summer Braces?

Braces in the summer is the best time to start!

Summer BracesBrace Face. Metal Mouth.  Getting a grill.  Such wonderful – and negative – euphemisms for the utterly defeating experience of getting braces.  And right after school lets out for vacation?  Really?!?  Super start to a super summer!

Dental braces – or orthodontic braces – are used to realign and straighten a person’s teeth in regard to a person’s bite while improving dental health.  There are rules for their care, foods you need to avoid, and monthly ortho visits – just ask anyone who has ever had to get them put on. But they are a necessary evil… like the DMV or Brussels Sprouts.

Braces in Summer are the way to go!

However, with emerging technologies, the variety of braces and the way they are applied has changed and improved.  In fact, in today’s world orthodontics offer more types of braces than ever before. Of course, there’s always the ever-popular metal – or traditional – braces.  Metal brackets and wires… this is what everyone imagines when they think of braces.  These are the least expensive and can be accessorized with colorful bands.

Then there are Ceramic braces, which are applied with the same metal wires, but the brackets are ceramic, which is far more conductive of heat; heat actually helps speed up the alignment process. These are less noticeable, and teeth move much faster; but they tend to be more expensive than going all metal and the brackets can get stained.

Lingual braces are all metal, so they resemble the more traditional format.  And they are invisible from the outside, which is a total pro, especially for all that summertime fun in the sun.

Invisalign in one of the newest formats of braces, which are almost invisible when in use. It’s a series of 18 to 30 custom-molded mouth guards that are made from clear plastic to help realign the teeth and you only use each one for two weeks at a time.  They don’t always work for serious dental problems and they’re only available for adults and teens. And because they aren’t actually attached to the teeth, you need to properly care for them.

Summer Vacation and Braces

But, it’s your teeth and your summer vacation; so now you that you have a clear picture of the types of braces you can get during the summer – make the choice that best suits your needs and your budget… and hey, maybe going for that traditional option means getting to go on a killer summer trip… something to think about. Contact Amazing Smiles to get started.

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