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AcceleDent Forest Hills Orthodontists

Forest Hills Orthodontist Offers The Fast Way to Straighten Teeth

Our Forest Hills, NY practice as well as all of our orthodontic practices in New York  now offer AcceleDent.  This is one of the most exciting things to happen in orthodontics since I’ve been practicing and not everyone knows about it yet.  Drum roll please: You can now accelerate the time it takes to straighten your teeth by using an amazing technology for only 20 minutes each day.  AcceleDent® is considered to be a breakthrough in “accelerated orthodontics,” has been increasing in popularity since its introduction in 2009, and is available by cutting-edge orthodontists such as us.

Developed by OrthoAccel®Technologies, Inc., AcceleDent Aura is a simple-to-use, hands-free device designed for faster orthodontic treatment with only 20 minutes daily use.  It is used with your current orthodontics, including your Invisalign aligners, to move teeth up to 50% faster. That means much quicker treatment times and a faster route to that Hollywood smile. What’s more is that AcceleDent® has been proven safe, effective and comfortable.  In fact, patients have reported reduced discomfort with their current orthodontics when using AcceleDent®.

Forest Hills, NY Straighten your Smile Fast!

An exclusive SoftPulse Technology® applies precisely calibrated micro pulses to gently accelerate the movement of your teeth.  The safe, easy and pain-free acceleration of the bone remodeling process is used along with your conventional orthodontic treatment. For pain, these doctors use a nerve block treatment so that the patient does not feel a thing. You just check in with your orthodontist from time to time to ensure your are receiving the optimal benefit. Even though faster tooth movement will decrease the duration of your orthodontic treatment with me, I’m all about cultivating happier patients who smile more and spread the word!

AcceleDent Aura is used in the convenience of your home and comes in a user friendly kit made up of these components:

  • A small, lightweight Activator generates gentle micro pulses to accelerate bone remodeling right over your current orthodontics. It also allows your orthodontist to view your usage history and advise you on your progress.
  • A comfortable mouth piece
 snaps easily on and off the Activator for easy cleaning.
  • The USB extension cable with power adapter
charges the device.
  • A travel casekeeps the components safe, clean, secure — and portable.

Rely on the Top 1% Invisalign Provider in Forest Hills

Whatever form of braces you currently have or are considering getting, you can use AcceleDent concurrently with your orthodontic treatment.  As an orthodontist who ranks in the top 1% on Invisalign providers, I encourage you to call our office to schedule your initial consultation. We serve Mill Basin, Brooklyn; Forest Hills, Queens; and Cedarhurst, Long Island, and are happy to serve new patients.

Our goal is to help create even more beautiful— and accelerated— smiles all over New York.

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